Animal Train, Novo

by BVI Records

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BVI 003
Artwork By Jeremy Parker
Produced By Chico Jones


released January 1, 2017

CJ Atrain: Vocals
Rich Atrain: Guitar, Vocals
Michelle Chapman: Bass, Vocals
Armando Grito Lopez: Drums, Vocals
Chico Jones: Backing Vocals on Dead Camp
RC Hernandez: Lead Guitar on Immortal World

Fuck man, how many Animal Train CD's have I reviewed so far? A quick check shows that it is 8 to date and even I am surprised by that! Here we have 3 tracks by the band from Austin, Texas who are keeping it DIY and, it seems, progressing at their own pace. There is a lot to be said for just hanging in and doing your thing, it is no easy task in these throwaway times where many underdogs are cast underfoot and generally ignored. Anyway, my take on matters is as thus:-

'Immortal World' is a steaming push of restless discontent that runs on buzzing rails of rising passion. The heat generated warps the tracks and one wonders if the crew will hold the sonic chugger steady or encounter a head on crash of confusing chaos. The direction taken is without any harsh tuned turnings, the major enhancements are background accompaniments to the hoarse fury generated by the banshee at the fore. The coals are stoked with pokers of sincerity, the blaze generated doesn't scorch but slowly sears and repeat journeys are needed to realise the full weight of the wanderings. A heavy duty song in some respects, ornamented with some good guitar work, the band are slowly moving in waters new methinks.

'Moral Decay' rumbles from the depths of the gut before trampling fast over many envisioned wastelands. These deserts, that are primarily mental, are bringing the world to its knees as peoples sense of decency gets thrown out of the already cracked window. To resist the incessant overall one needs to cling on mighty hard and take solace in songs of encouragement – just like this one I reckon (nudge, nudge). The smoked and frazzled throat overspills, the keen edge of the wires, the epileptic drums and the final flourish of defiance forces my voting hand – it is a X in the box of success.

We close with 'Dead Camp', a smothered and controlled escapade that takes a little time to fully smell the essence of. I play and ponder several times and unveil considerations that indicate a band on a progressive path. The unity of the noise is compact, the pace unhurried and the back hollers slightly cooled and of an accent that thoughtfully compliments - a very nice inclusion. A few doorways are opened here and I wonder if the band will be brave enough to enter.

3 tracks to keep the river of rhythm moving and for me the band are at just the right stage to release an album that is used as a vehicle to test new ground. A skanky track, a hardcore burst, the usual regular DIY-ism and a few experimental upchucks should all be tackled methinks. I have followed Animal Train for some time now - I have no serious concerns as yet. Now grab the bull by the bollocks peeps and shake it up big time!



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